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Hyperlinks indicate coordinates in species of DNA origin. Non-hyperlinked coordinates indicate orthologous region in respective other species.
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ID Human (hg19)   Mouse (mm9)   Expression Section
  Coordinates Bracketing Genes Coordinates Bracketing Genes    
hs505 chr5:172,632,796-172,633,597 BNIP1-NKX2-5 chr17:26,964,841-26,965,588 Bnip1-Nkx2-5 Negative  
hs2184 chr5:172,682,692-172,685,952 NKX2-5-STC2 chr17:26,995,945-26,999,371 Nkx2-5-Kifc5b Negative  
hs2185 chr5:172,692,201-172,696,969 NKX2-5-STC2 chr17:27,001,964-27,019,399 Nkx2-5-Kifc5b Positive  
hs2186 chr5:172,705,328-172,708,211 NKX2-5-STC2 chr17:27,019,804-27,021,597 Nkx2-5-Kifc5b Negative  
mm824 chr5:172,690,497-172,692,314 NKX2-5-STC2 chr17:27,000,516-27,003,611 Nkx2-5-Kifc5b Negative  
mm843 chr5:172,606,930-172,624,507 BNIP1-NKX2-5 chr17:26,948,554-26,952,485 Bnip1-Nkx2-5 Negative  
mm1645 chr5:172,670,406-172,674,559 NKX2-5-STC2 chr17:26,986,091-26,989,742 Nkx2-5-Kifc5b Positive  

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