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Hyperlinks indicate coordinates in species of DNA origin. Non-hyperlinked coordinates indicate orthologous region in respective other species.
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ID Human (hg19)   Mouse (mm9)   Expression Section
  Coordinates Bracketing Genes Coordinates Bracketing Genes    
hs644 chr7:18,885,971-18,887,230 HDAC9-TWIST1 chr12:34,884,495-34,885,741 Twist1-Hdac9 Positive  
hs1878 chr7:19,157,694-19,159,713 TWIST1-FERD3L chr12:34,640,138-34,642,085 Ferd3l-Twist1 Negative  
hs1880 chr7:19,146,921-19,150,251 HDAC9-TWIST1 chr12:34,649,331-34,652,669 Twist1-Hdac9 Negative  
hs2261 chr7:19,150,461-19,154,049 HDAC9-TWIST1 chr12:34,645,617-34,649,121 Twist1-Hdac9 Negative  
hs2306 chr7:18,868,716-18,870,405 HDAC9-TWIST1 chr12:34,904,535-34,906,180 Twist1-Hdac9 Positive  
hs2307 chr7:18,874,272-18,875,369 HDAC9-TWIST1 chr12:34,900,126-34,901,227 Twist1-Hdac9 Positive  

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