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Hyperlinks indicate coordinates in species of DNA origin. Non-hyperlinked coordinates indicate orthologous region in respective other species.
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ID Human (hg19)   Mouse (mm9)   Expression Section
  Coordinates Bracketing Genes Coordinates Bracketing Genes    
hs1206 chr2:66,749,539-66,750,931 MEIS1(intragenic) chr11:18,829,403-18,830,773 Meis1(intragenic) Negative  
hs1210 chr2:66,762,515-66,765,088 MEIS1(intragenic) chr11:18,816,167-18,818,733 Meis1(intragenic) Positive Sections available
mm1465 chr2:66,960,453-66,961,546 LOC101927577-LOC101060019 chr11:18,612,148-18,613,160 Etaa1-Meis1 Positive  
mm1466 chr2:66,956,805-66,957,502 LOC101927577-LOC101060019 chr11:18,614,903-18,615,615 Etaa1-Meis1 Negative  

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