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Hyperlinks indicate coordinates in species of DNA origin. Non-hyperlinked coordinates indicate orthologous region in respective other species.
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ID Human (hg19)   Mouse (mm9)   Expression Section
  Coordinates Bracketing Genes Coordinates Bracketing Genes    
hs2524 chr1:94,552,178-94,554,286 ABCA4(intragenic) chr3:121,782,812-121,782,842 Abca4(intragenic) Negative  
hs2525 chr1:94,546,405-94,548,669 ABCA4(intragenic) chr3:121,784,158-121,786,471 Abca4(intragenic) Negative  
mm435 chr1:94,580,867-94,583,522 ABCA4(intragenic) chr3:121,750,389-121,752,165 Abca4(intragenic) Positive  
mm1360 chr1:94,594,858-94,597,806 ABCA4-ARHGAP29 chr3:121,735,128-121,737,942 Arhgap29-Abca4 Negative  

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