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Hyperlinks indicate coordinates in species of DNA origin. Non-hyperlinked coordinates indicate orthologous region in respective other species.
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ID Human (hg19)   Mouse (mm9)   Expression Section
  Coordinates Bracketing Genes Coordinates Bracketing Genes    
hs427 chrX:139,169,379-139,171,545 CXorf66-LOC389895 chrX:57,796,579-57,798,664 Gm7073-Sox3 Positive Sections available
hs667 chrX:139,332,133-139,333,376 LOC389895-SOX3 chrX:57,972,482-57,973,750 Gm7073-Sox3 Positive  
hs902 chrX:139,380,916-139,382,199 LOC389895-SOX3 chrX:57,996,968-57,998,237 Gm7073-Sox3 Negative  
hs770 chrX:139,593,502-139,594,774 SOX3-LINC00632 chrX:58,152,152-58,153,419 Sox3-C230004F18Rik Negative  
hs588 chrX:139,674,499-139,675,403 SOX3-LINC00632 chrX:58,247,232-58,248,145 Sox3-C230004F18Rik Negative  
hs856 chrX:147,829,016-147,830,159 AFF2(intragenic) chrX:66,876,581-66,877,721 Aff2(intragenic) Negative  
hs1746 chrX:150,407,692-150,409,052 GPR50-VMA21 chrX:68,953,530-68,954,730 Gpr50-Vma21 Positive  
hs2491 chrX:153,593,214-153,596,578 FLNA(intragenic) chrX:71,485,310-71,488,613 Flna(intragenic) Negative  

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