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The VISTA Enhancer Browser is a central resource for experimentally validated human and mouse noncoding fragments with gene enhancer activity as assessed in transgenic mice. Most of these noncoding elements were selected for testing based on their extreme conservation in other vertebrates or epigenomic evidence (ChIP-Seq) of putative enhancer marks. The results of this in vivo enhancer screen are provided through this publicly available website.

This program is located at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. See Handbook for additional details on this work or visit the Experimental Results to view data. We invite external groups to submit requests for candidate enhancers to be tested at this single developmental time-point.

As of 7/22/2024 the database contains information on 3409 in vivo tested elements - 1750 elements with enhancer activity.

A beta version of our new VISTA Enhancer Browser with additional features can be found here. Please try it out and send your feedback at

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For commercial licensing of the VISTA Enhancer Browser and its associated data please contact Virginia de la Puente ( at the Berkeley Lab's Innovation and Partnerships Office.